Get Free Assessment for Immigration/Visa applications from Attorney Melanie M. Pelletier


Attorney Melanie M. Pelletier, specialist in the field of Canadian immigration, can help you obtain a Canadian visa for you and your family.

Whether you are applying for a:
  • Permanent resident visa (skilled worker, family sponsorship, business class);
  • Temporary resident visa (visitor, student, worker);
  • Change of conditions and/or renewal of your current status in Canada;
  • Criminal Rehabilitation and/or Authorization to enter Canada (TRP);
  • Permanent Resident Card (first and/or renewals), or;
  • Citizenship
Attorney Melanie M. Pelletier can evaluate your eligibility to apply for a Canadian visa - in compliance with Canadian immigration requirements - by completing a FREE ASSESSMENT*. If you later wish to engage the services of Attorney Melanie M. Pelletier, she will be pleased to represent you with ALL aspects of your immigration application.

About Attorney

When you are represented by Attorney Melanie M. Pelletier, you can rest assured that your file will not be delegated to paralegals and/or transferred to other departments. You will be dealing with ONE qualified lawyer, Attorney Melanie M. Pelletier, during the entire processing of your immigration application.

The majority of Attorney Pelletier’s clients are generated by “word of mouth” endorsement. She personally handles each and every file and she provides the desired results for her clients in the most efficient and timely manner.

Attorney Pelletier is a member in good standing with the Law Society of Quebec (Quebec Bar Association) and is authorized by the Canadian Government to represent foreign nationals in all immigration matters, wherever they choose to work or live in Canada.

*Any information provided will be kept in strict confidence.