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Temporary Canada Visas – Student visas

Do you wish to study in Canada? If so, you will need an authorization from Immigration Canada such as a temporary study permit to legally study in Canada.

To be eligible to study in Canada, you must have:

  • submitted an application for admission to an educational institution in Canada;
  • received a letter of acceptance or a conditional letter of acceptance from the registrar, the school board or the school itself;
  • sufficient knowledge of either English or French to follow course curriculum;
  • sufficient funds to pay tuition fees, health coverage, shelter, books, transportation and return trips home.
Not everyone is required to obtain a study permit in order to study in Canada. Most common exemptions are:
  • long-term visitors and/or foreign workers who wish to engage in occasional studies or programs of study lasting six (6) months or less - at any time during their stay in Canada;
  • minor children - already in Canada – who attend pre-school, elementary or secondary level studies and whose parents are authorized to work or study in Canada. Note: minor children outside Canada will require a study permit.
To be issued a temporary study permit from Immigration Canada, you must:
  • Submit your Letter of Acceptance, Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec, if applicable, and supporting documents (i.e. bank letter to prove financial capacity to support yourself while in Canada) with your application for a study permit at the Canadian Embassy serving your country;
  • Satisfy an immigration officer that you are a bona fide temporary resident who will leave Canada following the completion of your studies;
  • pass a medical examination and security/criminal background checks.
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