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Canada Immigration -
Quebec-selected skilled workers

The Province of Quebec is responsible for selecting its own Skilled Workers under the Canada-Quebec Accord. Immigrants selected under the Canada-Quebec Accord receive a Certificate of Selection of Quebec – the official immigration document issued by the Government of Quebec - and are given priority processing over other economic immigrants, such as Federal skilled workers.

To determine your eligibility to apply for a certificate of selection of Quebec under the “Quebec Skilled Worker” category, you will be assessed based on ten (10) selection factors - set in place to evaluate your likelihood and ability to become economically established in the province of Quebec.

The Quebec Skilled Worker selection factors are:
  • Education and Field of Study
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Language proficiency (adequate knowledge of French and English)
  • Visits to Quebec (work, study or visits) and Family in Quebec
  • Spouse’s profile (education, work experience and language proficiency)
  • Arranged employment in Quebec (valid employment offer)
  • Number of Children
  • Ability to support yourself (and your dependants) financially
  • Adaptability (your knowledge of Quebec and the preparation of your immigration project)
To be issued a Certificate of Selection of Quebec, you must:
  • obtain at least 59 points (if you are single) or 68 points (if you are married or in a common-law relationship) on the Quebec Selection grid;
  • successfully pass a selection interview with an immigration officer (or be exempted thereof).
To be issued a permanent resident visa from Immigration Canada, you must:
  • submit the Certificate of Selection of Quebec - issued by the Government of Quebec - with your application for permanent residence to the Canadian Embassy serving your country of nationality or current place of residence;
  • pass a medical examination and security/criminal background checks.
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