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Temporary Canada Visas – Work Permits

If you wish to enter Canada’s labour market, you will need to obtain an authorization to work in Canada such as a temporary work permit from Immigration Canada.

There are two (2) types of work permits:
  1. Work permits requiring a labour market opinion (LMO) or confirmation from Service Canada. In such cases, Service Canada weighs several factors in assessing the impact of the foreign worker on the Canadian labour market.

    Some of these factors are:

    • wages and working conditions,
    • availability of Canadians or permanent residents to fill the position;
    • whether the position offered to the foreign worker would likely create other jobs for the benefit of Canadians or permanent residents;
    • whether the issuance of a temporary work permit to a foreign worker would have either a neutral or positive effect on the Canadian labour market.

  2. Work permits exempted from obtaining an LMO or confirmation from Service Canada.

    Most common work permits, in this category, are:

    • IT specialists – Software developers and designers;
    • Intra-company transferees – Senior managers / executives or specialized knowledge workers;
    • Emergency repair personnel;
    • Academic exchanges - Visiting professors or lecturers;
    • NAFTA professionals;
    • Spouse’s or common-law partners of skilled workers or foreign students in Canada;
    • Post-graduation employment;
    • Off-campus employment;
    • Charitable or religious work.
Important: If you intend to work in the province of Quebec, you will also be required to obtain a Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec (CAQ) from Immigration Quebec, even if you are exempted from obtaining a labour market opinion (LMO) or confirmation from Service Canada.

To be issued a temporary work permit from Immigration Canada, you must:

  • Submit your Positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) or confirmation from Service Canada and Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec, if applicable, with your application for work permit to the Canadian Embassy serving your country or current place of residence;
  • Successfully pass a selection interview with an immigration officer (or be exempted thereof);
  • Pass a medical examination (or be exempted thereof).
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